Wednesday, January 11, 2012

tiny cars OOPS... Mobility scooters

It is useful to know the history of vehicles and the alternates to build something worth while. Sydney Australia is planning 40/k per hour speed limits. This plays into the hands of tiny automobiles being light weight and very maneuverable. The size of the engines needs only to be a modest 20 HP. With this comes safer roads as the vehicles would cause less injuries to people. The building of a small automobile must be thought out and the name changed to mobility scooter to circumvent insurance and government laws and take the construction from auto design rules and specialised auto engineers. Hybrid pedal and motor scooters could be used to save massive amounts of fuel.
There are going to be problems on the way as vested interests in cars will not like there profits and lively hoods taken from them. Then there will be the charges levied on us for not using the fuel similar to say management fees like the water and electric companies do now because we have become too efficient.
Solar cars are not far off.
Then as we drive these cars to the city they would be hoisted above the walkways on special racks built for the purpose solving parking problems.
I am dreaming of course and that is how things take shape.
I will treat you to mental stimulation and maybe get some thoughts from readers flowing in the design of our new cycle car...

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