Monday, January 9, 2012

Making small cars

I was dragged into making small cars kicking and screaming by my son who got what he wanted. Don't get me wrong he worked hard at what he did and was never recognised by the educational system which failed him and me. The only car that I built was the yellow car in a previous post. It was a real cycle car of old. It was even registered to drive on the roads of NSW in Australia. New friends and a load of opportunities were opened by this car. It won the experimental section in the Energy Challenge and transmission development award in the Shell mileage marathon. We beat some big names in the motor racing world along with some high end companies. Why am I going over this again? I really don't know maybe its the introduction to the new project a cheap gravity racer for the illegal gravity racing in Australia. My friend Ray helped in speedway by building and repairing and hopefully getting a drive which he never did, This will fulfill his ambitions to drive in a race because he will probably be better than I would. The new car started out as a home grown lawn mower by VICTA, and has seen better days bought for five bucks from a rubbish tip shop. I am having trouble downloading photos to blogger and will post them as I can. The mower has been cut down and will be stretched by a small amount to fit Ray. The colours will be red and yellow Probably fluro yellow so the oncoming cars will see it.

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