Saturday, June 1, 2013

This is the road registered version

Placed first in the experimental section of the Energy Challenge. The wing was placed on the car for visibility on the road. It kept up with Sydney Saturday morning traffic but our support vehicle had trouble keeping up as spaces opened up for the little car. The car still has the Shell Mileage Marathon paint scheme. My old mate Alex at the UTS University Technology Sydney helped in the final stages in the set up of the car for the Energy Challenge. The where abouts of the car is unknown. Top speed was about 70k/hour as the car started to bounce on the front tyres, It was a rough ride and to sit in the car for any length of time was uncomfortable. When the car was in Orange in NSW the speed was great on the open roads. Just south of Orange at a small town we drove the car into the pub and they lifted it onto the bar for repairs. Several photos were taken in the pub by some but I do not have any. As stated in a previous posting I will build another one but that is after my gypsy wagon is completed. I am gathering materials for this build.

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